10 Amazing unheard benefits of Vaseline

1. Treating Brittle nails

Apply Vaseline with glycerin to your nails before you go to bed to have strong nails and get rid of hanging nails.





2. Thicker and longer lashes

Get those beautiful long and curly lashes by swearing to this one product. Apply petroleum jelly to your lashes every time before you go to bed and see the difference for yourself.



3. For taming your eyebrows

Brush your eyebrows with a brush after dabbing some petroleum jelly onto them to give a well groomed look. It may also aid your hair growth to some extent.







4. As a Makeup Remover


It’s so effective when it comes to taking off your makeup after the day’s exertion. Simply massage a little amount on your eyes and then wipe off with a clean cotton swab.



5. Makes your fragrance last longer

Apply it to your wrist and pulse points before you spray your favorite perfume to increase its lasting powering boost your self-confidence.








6. Avoiding hair color mess

While coloring your hair, work it along the hairline and on the top rims of your ear to prevent hair dye from staining them. Making your job hassle free.





7. Getting the word “dry” off your body

Being rich in its moisturising properties, it can do a lot for your body. To name some-

  • It fixes cracked heels
  • Works as an exfoliator by mixing sugar with it
  • Smoothens cracked lips
  • Repairs dry patches
  • Softens scaly elbows and knees


8. Rescue split ends

Apply petroleum jelly to your hair ends to treat split ends and hide damaged hair.

It can postpone your parlor visit for split end removal for a few days.




9. Making things less painful

It lubricates the earlobes and helps insertion of earrings much easy and less painful.

Even works while taking off a stuck ring from the finger, chewing gum from our hair etc.




10. Highlighting your cheekbones

Applying petroleum jelly on your cheek bones will help you achieve that contoured look. It will give a glossy effect to them as they illuminate with the light falling on them.

You can even try highlighting your shins for a longer legs illusion.