12 Embarrassing things we all do but don’t talk about!


1) Nobody wants to remember the first e-mail address they made.









2)Blabbering in front of the mirror and someone suddenly pops in.






3)Flicking your boogers or even worse sticking it in some bad place.

4)Having a shopkeeper run after you because you forgot to pay the bill.









5)Closing the fridge slowly in the dark to see if the light goes out.










6)Playing the Chinese whisper. Adding some masala to your story to make it better.


7)When you fart in the room and everyone is asking who this was including you!


8)Cup your hand in the shower, let that cup fill with water and then splash it on the floor.






9)When in bed imagining a love scenario with your crush/gf/bf.






10)Peeing in the swimming pool

11)Misinterpreting a customer to be a shopkeeper at the supermarket.










12)Accidently liking the picture of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend from 2015.

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