5 Big Turn-offs for Men

When you are dating a guy or you have just begun dating, there are aspects that a guy instantly notices about the woman he is going out with. There are some behavior patterns which if a woman exhibits make a guy consider whether you have long-term dating potential or you are about to be dumped. Below are the biggest turn offs for a guy that makes him less attracted towards the woman he is dating, so try avoiding them ladies:


1)Playing mind games

Guys like straightforward woman and those who can speak up their mind and not play games to get what they want. If you want something from your guy, just tell him instead of playing mind games. Any man will appreciate a woman who makes her needs known by communicating directly.


2)Too much makeup

Wearing too much makeup to look good is a big turn off for any guy. Most guys like a girl who looks natural and wears light makeup instead of literally painting her face and looking like a plastered mannequin.




3)Acting Dumb

Acting dumb in front of men to get their attention is a turn-off for most men. Men like to be your knight in shining armor and often like to help a damsel in distress but that does not mean that you should try to seek their help by acting unnecessarily dumb and naive.



4)Body odor

Guys like the natural fragrance of a woman and if you smell bad after a hard day’s work, you should at least use a good perfume when you set out to meet your guy. Coming close to a woman who smells bad is undoubtedly a big turn-off.





Self-centered behavior is a turn-off for any guy. A woman who only thinks about her comfort and outright, acts selfish is a big no-no for a guy. No guy would want to stay with such a woman for a long-term who only thinks about herself and doesn’t give a damn for her man or any other person.


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