6 questions to ask yourself and reconsider your relationship

When it comes to love, we’re easily swayed. So much so that we even start justifying our partner’s unhealthy actions. Because after all, isn’t love all about loving the other person for who they are, along with their shortcomings, faults, drawbacks and everything else? Well, not always. You are in a relationship with yourself first, and then with anyone else. So it’s time to take a reality check and see if your relationship is actually worth all the effort you’ve been putting in.


1)Is your partner obsessively possessive? 


While most people find their partner’s possessiveness cute, too much of it is never a good sign of a healthy relationship. Because before you will come to realize, this cute possessiveness will grow into a soul-sucking monster which will destroy everything you hold dear. To avoid such an ugly situation, make sure you and your partner discuss each other’s insecurities. It’ll really help you both in the long run.


2)Does your partner share intimate details of their life with other people around and not you?


 If yes, then you’re in a lot of trouble. This is absolutely not a sign of good compatibility and understanding between you two. If you are getting to know what is going on in his life through other sources, then you must ask him/her if they don’t find you understanding enough or if there is any other reason and try to improve upon your relation hence.


3)Does your social life revolve only around your partner?

 If your daily schedule is oscillating between work and your partner, it’s time you get a reality check. Stop limiting yourself to one person forever. Do spend quality time together, but don’t let your life revolve around your partner. Have fun with your friends, grab a drink with a colleague or simply take a class for something you love. Not only will it be super healthy for your personal growth, you’ll also improve your relation.


4)Does your partner force you to do things?


Be it a customary visit to a mutual friend’s party or trying something new in bed, no matter what it may be, if you’re not comfortable doing it, DON’T. No matter how madly in love you are with that person, make sure you set some healthy boundaries. That is important for any relationship to survive.


5)Is your partner more than controlling?

Personal space is a very important thing. Like a flower only blooms when it has enough space so, same way a person will only bloom when they will have that personal; much needed space. If your partner is always controlling you to do things the way they want then, you need to take a minute and think.


6)Does you your partner step forward in resolving conflicts?


All relationships have conflicts time and again. It’s how you deal with those, defines your relationship. If and when you disagree with your partner and he/she becomes defensive, yells at you, attacks your character, blows things out of proportion, won’t listen to you, refuses to talk to you or becomes physically violent, these are signs that he has poor conflict-resolution skills. Nobody’s perfect, but if your partner doesn’t at least hear you out, be the bigger person, remain calm, apologize when necessary and talk to them afterwards.


Harkamal Kaur

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