7 signs the guy you are dating is a MISOGYNIST

Misogyny is a term used for contempt or hatred towards women. Misogyny is not easy to spot and usually, misogynists are those charming guys around you who rather claim to be feminists. Guys who harbor hatred for women could also be unaware about this attribute themselves and might carry on this behavior unintentionally. The major reason of misogyny in a man stems from negative experience with a woman in childhood like a neglecting or abusive mother or a cheating girlfriend in later life.

The inception of this hatred culminates into bad behavior inflicted towards women and initially the signs are not clearly visible. However, as time passes, you will soon be able to realize that the guy you are seeing is in fact a misogynist by observing the following signs:


1. He is judgmental towards women

He categorizes all women whom he meets and always passes judgments about their character. He always has an opinion about every woman and will always find some fault with them and express them like an expert commentator.


2.He always lingers on the view that women are non-achievers and shallow:

He will constantly say that women are gold diggers and only after money. He will have the opinion that women cannot do anything remarkable in life and are basically shallow and superficial.


3.He vanishes for days and then reappears as if nothing happened.

He will regularly call and text you and then will suddenly fall off the face of the earth. He will reappear after several days and act like nothing ever happened. He will always have a reason for disappearing and will constantly do the appear-disappear-reappear thing till he leaves you forever for some better option.


4.He belittles his exes:

He has a low opinion of his exes and when you ask him why he broke up with any of them, he will tell you that all of them were crazy. He is disrespectful towards women and you will therefore realize how you will be opinionated before other people later on if you both do not end up together.


5.He shows no loyalty in relationships and doesn’t have any regret on cheating.

He does not believe that women deserve loyalty from him and doesn’t mind cheating on his girlfriend or wife. He shows no remorse or regret after betraying a girl.


6.He cannot tolerate a woman working above him or in a superior position:

He does not think that women should be employed in superior positions in an organization or that they should be promoted. He cannot tolerate women working above him and does not like to obey their orders. He may get a little jealous when a fellow male colleague performs better at work and also might tolerate it but this is certainly not the case when a female colleague performs better than him.


7.He can be physically and mentally abusive

He can be physically or mentally abusive towards women and can become violent in order to control them and make them do whatever he wants. He could go to unreasonable lengths to control your behavior and this is why you should run before this happens.

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