7 ways to economize your time while shopping


1)Make a to-do list

Never underrate the advantages of pre planning. Whenever you are out on a shopping spree, make sure to jot down all the items you need to buy. This way you’ll never miss out anything plus you’ll not go nuts trying to recall them and wasting your time.


2)Know your measurements


Did you know if a pair of jeans just wraps perfectly around your neckline then it is the best fit for you. Undoubtedly, street shopping calls for mastering such tips!

Even if you are in a rush or feeling lazy to go to the trail room, you can use this time saving tip, it never ditches you!


3)Do not window shop


If you want to save your time, it is very essential that you do not window shop. Window shopping only leads to dissatisfaction and the regret of not buying what caught your eyes in the first place.

If you are not leaving your house to buy it, don’t waste your time looking for it.


4)Don’t take a chance


Confused about which size would fit while walking into the trial room??

Carry both your options with you so you try them in one go than working your ass off again to get the other from the section and furthermore pressuring your feet waiting in the queue.


5)Don’t overlook the price


Check your budget beforehand while picking up for items. Don’t make your heart pounce while billing when your favorite item is out of your league and not taking into consideration the time that withered away.



6)Don’t make the same mistake twice


If you have been convinced that yellow isn’t your clothes’ paint then do not invest your time in making it work. Yes! You should be open to colors only to know which ones make you glow!



7)Shop during the sale season

Why to pay through your nose when you can have the same item at a cheaper rate. Wait for the prices to fall down. You have to only keep an eye on the outlet for sale. This helps you save money as well as time since you are no longer worried about the pricing and grab things faster.


Suhani Kohli


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