8 expert hacks that will make your makeup last longer

1) Store your lipsticks, nail paints and perfumes in the refrigerator to increase their shelf life

Heat and light can alter the formula of your products thereby changing its composition in color, texture and scent. Dark and cool environments are comparatively better for your lipsticks and fragrances.

2) Wash and condition your makeup brushes regularly with baby shampoo and olive oil

Wet the brushes under running tap water and gently lather the ends with olive oil followed by shampoo. Rinse thoroughly and keep them flat to dry.

3) Rekindle your dried mascara, cream shadow or gel liner with saline solution

If your liner, mascara and cream shadow trouble you before the expiration date, no need to worry. You can squirt a few drops of saline solution into it to refresh them and you are good to go.

4) Before throwing away empty products that come in plastic tubes cut them open and scrape out the left content

Use an empty jar with a fairly big opening to store the remaining contents. You can scoop out the product from there when you have to use it.

5) Fix a crushed pressed powder or eye-shadow with the help of rubbing alcohol

Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the product until the crumbles turn into a paste. Then, press them back together with the back of a spoon. Once the alcohol will evaporate, the product will be ready to use and solid again.

6) Soak your mascara in warm water when the product is about to finish to loosen it from along the sides of the tube

Please make sure you do not do this when the product is no longer in a prime state.

7) Resuscitate pressed powder with packaging tape

Your skin oils may harden the powder which can be revived by pressing a strip of packaging tape over it. This will remove the hard layer on the top of the powder and your product will be of new use again.

8) Clean off residue from your eye shadow palette with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol

Pour rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle and squirt it on the shades that are begrimed. Then clean it with a cotton ball gently. Besides restoring true hue of your shade this will also disinfect the shadow.

Lavisha Mangwani

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