8 hacks to ameliorate your bad hair day

So a bad hair day will no more be a bad day girls! Here are some hacks for you to sail through those days and go out and shine.

1. Go for braids










They are unarguably the best solution to banish your bad hair day.What is even better is the fact that braids look more tidy when your hair is oily/dirty.

2. Switch your parts






Another simple manoeuvre for saving you when your hair is all greasy with oil is by changing your parting.You will observe that the opposite side has more volume and less oil giving that bounce to your hair.

3. Cover them up










A quick solution to fix your situation is covering all your hair with a cap that is it! You can even wear a beanie or head wraps which look super cool.

4. Bun it up










Disguising your bad hair day can be quite easy by knotting your hair in a bun.You ain’t have to worry about it being tidy, a messy one looks equally superb. Try a cotton candy bun for a bold look.

5. Dry Shampoo to your rescue






If you are amongst the lazy bones, you will love this product because when you are not feeling like washing your hair but want to give your hair a new life, you can use dry shampoo as it absorbs excess oil from the hair giving you the desired results.

6. Fixing the statics






Run down a dryer sheet through your hair for static free hair. You can also use it with your hair brush.Dryer sheets absorb the electrons which cause static hair and leave behind smooth strands.

7. Tease your roots






Bad weather plays havoc in your hair leaving your hair all dull and flat.You can really add that extra bounce and instant lift to your hair by back combing your hair.

8. Beat the dry frizz







Take some hair serum in your palms and run your finger through your hair strands avoiding the roots.This will be your quick fix!

Suhani Kohli

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