Be stronger than your excuses

We the so called intelligent species are known for always finding a way out,Either it’s seeking a solution or running away from it. And we are good at it.

Either it’s seeking a solution or running away from it. And we are good at it.

‘None’ can see success, unless and until one taste’s the failure. Once in a while we do get prejudiced by our own actions and we fail. It makes us bitter, afraid and drives shear hatred through our nerves.

As a result, we come up with an excuse. A tiny word with an influential concept.

Making an excuse is not only lying to others but to oneself too. Just for a little comfort and satisfaction we fool ourselves, and that pulls us down to the ground. We might get away with it for time being but it won’t help us find the piece for the completing the puzzle.

Getting a failure is not a drawback but not accepting it, IS.

What if the great leaders, humanitarians, legends, and fighters had come up with excuses and gave up right there.

Would the world would be the same as it is presently?

No, they failed time and again. They believed in something and they had faith in that and the rest is history. If they can, why can’t we?

“No I am not doing it, because it’s not right time, the situation is bad, I’m not strong enough, they made do this so I failed.” Running from your work and give reasons consecutively, are the signs of crippled will power.

Rise up, with a spark by accepting every failure you ever have or faced, not by making excuses but by being strong and looking forward to it. And, you will be a part of the victory. It’s your life, don’t let others perspective rule you.

Either you can to keep piling up your excuses or create something beautiful out of it, it is up to you.


Learn to enjoy life like a journey and don’t just survive. Beat down the failures and keep up the hope, eventually you will find a way!

Bhushan Ghate

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