Here’s Why You Should Binge Watch Dice Media’s Adulting This Weekend

As a child, after getting a small scolding from parents or irritated with the simple arithmetic question, all of us had the desire to grow up quickly, because at that point in time we considered “Adulting” equivalent to taking our own decisions and living independently and definitely not having any unrelatable maths problem to solve. And, here we are, regretting this desire as a child and wanting to go back in time and watch our favorite cartoons.

For me, who turned an adult almost three years ago, this has been the same scenario. I’m regretting turning into an adult so soon, burdened with responsibilities and choices to make. Thankfully, Dice Media’s Adulting is summing up all my emotions and dilemmas in the best possible way and I cannot stop but ask every not-so-happy adult to watch it this weekend.

1. Relatable AF

Adulting is a web series about two girls, Nikhat and Ray, who are in their early 20s and dealing with everyday crisis in the Dream City- Mumbai. They experience adulting the same way we do- from being broke by the end of the month, dividing household chores, having not-so-good days at work to fighting with your flatmate. You’ll find their life entertaining and enthralling, but at the same time relatable. Relatable AF.



2. Mommy Knows the Best

The second episode “Mommy Knows The Best”, where Nikhat’s mom comes to live with them for a few days reflects on our relationship with our mother. We’ve a lot of things to say, a lot of confessions to make and emotions to convey, but all we end up saying is “Yes mom, I’m okay.” Told you, adulting is bad!



3. Much more than boyfriend problems

Another good thing about this web series is that it’s not at all about girls having boyfriend problems. Relationships are an important part of being an adult, but it’s not just that. It’s much more than that. It’s about facing problems and having decisions to make financially, in your career and friendship. I’m glad Dice Media involved all these and not just cliche boyfriend-related problems.


4. Now And Then

The final episode “Now and Then”, where Nikhat and Ray played by Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama end up fighting and later on make up by sorting out their differences is my favorite one. I can bet you’ll relate with both Nikhat and Ray. Nikhat is hyper-sensitive and is afraid of losing a very close friend and Ray is unable to show her emotions to the people she cares about all the time. Both of them are a part of us. At some point of life you’re Nikhat and at others, you’re Ray.


5. Female Friendship

You can definitely count Adulting as one of those web series that portray female bondings in its finest form. Nikhat and Ray, two flatmates living in Mumbai and creating their “home away from home”. They do everything that normal flatmates do- share each other’s closet, fight over grocery shopping, judge people, curse their landlord and most importantly, put their heart out when they find it the most difficult to do. I guess you got your favorite series to watch next time all your friends catch up for a night stay.


Make some nice cold coffee and popcorn and enjoy this new web series Adulting this weekend.