Have you recently broken up?

Broke up recently?
Right now in a position where the only thing you can think about is your ex?
It’s alright.
All of us, including me who is writing this or the one who’s posting this has probably, possibly gone through a breakup.
That unbearably painful moment, where the pain is so real that it almost feels like you are being hurt physically. Where is the volume of pain so loud that it’s deafening and you can hear nothing from the outside world and just the loud, pathetic wailing of your lone heart?
Yeah, we have all been there.
It’s terrible.
So while you are wandering around, looking for stuff to do so that you won’t be wandering back to your ex, maybe sit down and read this piece of advice.
It might help you or somebody you know..

1. Accept & Analyze:

Accept that it has happened. It’s not the end of the world. It has happened to billions before and they have survived the pain. You are no less and so you too will outlive this tragedy. Now you know that your break up is real since you have accepted it. Analyze what went wrong. If you were the one who wronged, learn from it and try not to do it ever again in the future. And if it was your partner who was the wrong one, well then you know that you did the right thing.

2. The Brighter Side of the Coin:

Look towards the positive side and MOVE ON. Time never waits. To be honest, being loved is being caged. Now you are free and probably young. No strings attached. Do whatever you didn’t, because you thought your partner wouldn’t like it. Make the most of your life and race ahead. Keep the lessons you learned at the back of your head and advance further. Somewhere along you would meet somebody else who wouldn’t do wrong by you or whom you won’t wrong because you have those lessons in your head. Believe deeply that you are going to have a better life and not do anything stupid & let yourself rot.


3. Do not malign him/her:

Most importantly, do not speak ill of your ex. Say whatsoever, they made you smile at some point and gave you beautiful memories. Be grateful that they visited, gave you some important lessons and made you somebody better and made you stronger than you were before. And moreover, when you speak ill of them and do other cheap things, you are only proving them right. So, move on peacefully and be self-content and take control of your life now. Life has so much more to offer.





And always remember what Joey said,
” Grab a spoon fella. “

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