Dear Kavu and Momo, thank you for redefining relationships for our generation

Dear Kavu and Momo,

It’s been two years since the first season of Little things aired and here you are with the second season and my heart is oozing with excitement. You two are different, not the fairytale-like, but just like ordinary couples with their mundane love story having petty issues like deciding what to have for dinner and enjoying cutesy moments that are special in their own way.


Trust me when I say this, Little Things is and will always be one of the series people this generation will relate to. Here are a few things I’m thankful to you guys that just redefined relationships for the 21st century couples-

1. It’s definitely not what it looks like on social media

In the world of social media, where half of our lives is outrightly displayed on Snapchat stories and aesthetic Instagram feed, thank you for telling us that it’s not always what it looks on social media. It could be more interesting when one of you gets kicked out of a salon for saying the F-word or some days, it’s absolutely boring and irritating when your weekend plans don’t go as per your planner.


2. Opposites do attract and it’s one of the coolest thing!

Thank you for making us believe that opposites do attract. On one hand, we’ve Kavya who’s sophisticated most of the times and drinks chamomile tea and on the other hand, we’ve Dhruv, who has given up trying to pronounce Cha-mo-mile and wants to have keema pav from the nearest stall. No wonder Ted Mosby was right about the Olive theory!


3. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine

If the first season was almost about rainbows and sunshine, thank you for telling us that relationships aren’t always about the good and happy things. It also has days of dark clouds, when you’d go fighting and not agreeing with each other and it’s alright as long as it’s the two of you against the problem.


4. Food is the answer to half of your fights

Food will be your good-to-go option when its about saying a simple sorry or appreciating the little efforts of the other person (*orders biryani from Zomato*). But, be careful, food might also become a major reason for the fights when it comes to deciding what to have for dinner.




5. Aaaannddd, it’s always about the Little Things!

Most importantly, thank you making us realize that it’s always about the little things, little efforts and little moments that we live for and cherish. So what if you missed watching your favorite football club score the winning goal or had the worst day at work, it’s always about coming back home to a warm hug and caring about the little things and talking it out over a cup of hot tea maybe.