Destiny V/S Freewill

We leave no chance in cursing God because of failure presumed situations but, that’s only in the end we realize there is always something better waiting for us. And here the war between destiny and freewill wages.

Some say that your destiny is predetermined. Supposedly we are born, things happen to us, and then life ends. The idea that one’s destiny or karma directs all life can be overwhelming. Is it true that human beings can’t change anything? If everything is inevitable and unavoidable, what do “free will” and soul evolution stand? Those who insist they cannot change their fate are missing out on an essential point. We are all choosing our path life-to-life. The law of karma directs our destiny.

If we can spin our thread of life on destiny and free will’s wheel simultaneously, we can surely succeed and achieve what wasn’t destined for us. Destiny works on the law of karma and freewill works on the law of inertia. You reap what you sow only if you try hard enough to stop only by your goal. One can never reside by only destiny; it should be accompanied by free will. There is always perplexity between destiny and free will because as human beings innumerable actions are a part of our lives. These actions sometimes make it difficult for us to choose the correct path or we fail to interpret its outcomes.  Hence destiny takes care of what meets beyond the eyes making us more experienced in the decisions we take ahead once we realize the purpose of it.

Destiny and free will are two of the most important forces that must be co linked with hard work to make us a better person in this world. If each one of us learns to respect living beings around us, learns to take decisions for the good will of the society and the country and learns to work hard in the chosen direction then there will be no imbalance between destiny and freewill. It has been observed among youngsters as well as adults that they grudge someone who holds lesser knowledge than them and still holds a better position but, it is all because of the deeds they had done better than you and didn’t waste their energy in envying.

So start making your life beautiful by spreading peace and kindness and utilizing freewill force in better aspects together with hard work.


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