The Difference between what she says and means

What do women say against what they really mean when they say certain statements? Well, here are some possible explanations

1)When she is stressed:

She says: I am fine.

She means: Sometimes, when a girl is overly stressed from work or her personal life, she just wants to be left alone. She doesn’t want to be bothered with incessant nagging if she’s okay.



2)When she is Angry:

She says: She constantly rants about every other thing or may be unusually quiet.

She means: She might be annoyed at something you did today or maybe a while ago. Think through everything. Is there anything that could have made her angry? There is a decent chance that she is actually angry and being rude because she is upset. There can also be a chance that she is angry at someone other than you.


3)When she Is Testing You

She says: I am not feeling good.

She means: For some reason, she wants to see if you care about her. She wants to see if you will comfort her when she is down or notice her mood changes. This seems to be a dangerous game to play though because many men would not want to deal with the stress of being in this type of relationship. So girls, take note.

4)When she is frantic

She says: I am irritated

She means: This is another one that is similar to the “she is tired” reason. If you are upset or irritable, you might snap slightly. Your stomach is growling you feel lightheaded and there is another hour until dinner can be made. No wonder she’s “fine.” If this is her problem, give the girl a snack.



5)When she does not want to argue

She says: She is silent after an argument

She means: Sometimes, she is upset, confused or thinking about something she is not willing to share. She may know that it would cause an argument if she brought it is up, so she would refrain from saying it.



6)She’s confused between “maybe” or “we’ll see”.

She says: “maybe” or “we’ll see”

She means: As some of you may have come to suspect or even learn, if you have asked something of your girl and you receive a “maybe” or a “we’ll see”. In response, more often than not it’s a no from her. You might be wondering why she didn’t just refuse in the first place. Usually it’s because she doesn’t want to disappoint you too badly, so she needs time to come up with a good and legitimate reason/excuse as to why the answer is no. Either that or she’s just hoping that you’ll forget about whatever it was you asked her to do for you.


7)When she needs some space.

She says: I’ve just got too much going on in my life right now to get into a relationship.

She means: When a woman you are “kind-of seeing” drops in this line. There could be a few different things going on. First, she actually might have a lot of stress with her work or school life, and getting into a relationship would be too overwhelming for her. It is possible that she is content with a casual dating life at the moment, and not interested in anything serious.


8)When she tends to avoid confrontation.

She says: She beats around the bush and does not talk much about what she is feeling currently

She means: Men, although traditionally raised to be more assertive and aggressive, usually go out of their way to avoid confrontation with women. It’s difficult for most men to express their feelings and few are eager to have lengthy discussions about their relationships, their needs (or even their fears), with their better half.


This sure is a cheat sheet to understand women better, but in no sense it can be generalized to all the girls.



Harkamal Kaur


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