Don’t Play Victim to the Circumstances you Created

Playing the victim card is something which almost everyone is guilty of at some point of their life. We have all seen people around us acting like victims in a situation they have full control over.

Here are some examples of people who play the victim card. There are students who always complain about being buried under their homework. But are seldom seen putting any efforts in completing it. There are couples who always cry about their relationship problems. But are neither seen working to communicate nor to leave. Then, there are people who lament over the fact of being alone, but push away anyone who try to be there for them. Also, there are ones who always complain that their lives are boring but are never seen attempting to do anything even remotely adventurous.

Recently, I read an article about a girl stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship for six years. The article was composed by the girl herself,. She went on for lengths to describe how much of a horrible person her partner is and how terribly he has been treating her. The girl didn’t even have romantic feelings for her boyfriend anymore. All she felt towards him was hatred and fear. It can be clearly perceived that her partner didn’t care about her and the girl had realized it too. Even after all this she went on to declare that, even after years of endless abuse, she hasn’t tried to leave him. She could complain about it all over the internet, but had she tried to breakup with him, she could have been living a happier life.

As they say, don’t complain about the dark, if you are not lighting any candles. We endlessly crib about how much we hate being in a situation, but then never even attempt to change it. We can’t just sit and do nothing and then expect everything to be handed to us on a silver platter. The world doesn’t work that way.

We have much more control than we’d ever like to believe we do. If we want something, we have to work for it and put all our strength in it until we achieve it. We, ourselves, are the main reason behind our unhappiness and bitterness. If we, for once, put an effort into the circumstances we want to change, then, and then only, will we head towards the path of success.


To do this, what we need is a shift in perspective. When we perceive the situation as a positive one we once considered negative, we’ll automatically find ourselves more at ease. When we are more appreciative of what we have now instead of dwelling over what we don’t, we’ll stop being cynical and become more hopeful. And here is a reason why people find ranting easier because complaining doesn’t require strength. But putting an effort sure does.


So, now stop being the victim and work on becoming the victor.

Ruchi Meghwal

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