Facing the Pressures of Drinking Culture

If you are a nerdy teenager you might be living in a world surrounded by people, most of whom, consider liquor consumption as a measurement of coolness. If you find comfort in sobriety, you are often made to feel bad at some occasions? And if you rebuff, you are made fun of on refusing?

Now read carefully.

We, as humans, madly seek acceptance because we are afraid of being left out. Hence, we do things we do not like just to seek validation from our companions. The same happens in the case of many teenagers and young adults, who begin doing such things opposing their own beliefs, drinking being one of them. In some cases the habit doesn’t affect them much. But in others people are left feeling guilty, sad and empty because they perform an action which they are clearly against in the first place. Therefore, they start believing that they have no control over themselves and keep falling deeper in the pits of loneliness and as a result, get addicted to drinking/smoking.

Such habits providing us with temporary euphoria, have a lot of side effects ranging from as minor as a headache to as severe as cancer. So no matter how appealing it may seem, we shouldn’t let ourselves be swayed by its pull.


Drinking in limited amounts is okay. But too much of anything is disastrous. And teenagers must know the distinctive line between too much and just this much. You should never fall into the trap of “Let’s just do it today. Nothing will happen if we do it for once.” It is so because you will end up doing it more often and before you know you will become addicted to it.

There are a lot of ways to ensure that you do not get carried away. The most important one of which is to learn to say no and not let anybody else’s opinions influence yours. Though it may seem hard to resist that temptation but it is for your own good.

Also, you need to realize that the ones who force you to do something against your will should never be considered as friends. A true friend would never lead you to the path of self-destruction.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to stay away from peer pressure. Exercising regularly, eating well and having sufficient amount of sleep can ward off any temptations.

Build close relationships with people who will encourage you and your faith in sobriety. Invest your time in at least a few close friendships you are able to rely on. The most important thing to always remember is to believe in yourself and standing up for what is right.


All of us know the repercussions and causes of such obsessions.  Writing and reading about the same things over and over again will not transform anything; a difference can only be made if you take a step against it.


Ruchi Meghwal

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