Eat the rainbow!

How many times has your mother run after you to have “ghar ka khana” and avoid junk food? Moms are like that, right? Well, they aren’t wrong. Eating healthy is one of the most important and easily forgotten things among youngsters. In the environment which we all live today, the need to have a healthy diet with proper supplements is greater than we realize.

The food that we eat today builds our health and immunity for tomorrow. Due to growing age, it is very important for teenagers to have the right diet intake, in order to lead a better tomorrow.

A colorful diet is as appealing as it is beneficial for human body. There is more to a healthy diet than just green leafy vegetables that can do well for you.

Eat the rainbow includes various colorful food items that you can include in your diet and see the difference for yourself.


  1. Red
  2. Red foods are good for your heart and blood health. They also support joint function.
    Food items:

    Apple, beetroot, cherry, cranberry, red bell pepper, red pear, raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, tomato.


  1.  2. Orange

Orange foods help prevent cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Food items:

Apricot, pumpkin, carrot, papaya, peach, tangerine, nectarine.



3. Yellow

Yellow foods are good for your skin, heart and eyes. They also help in improving digestion and the immune system.

Food items:

Mango, yellow pear, yellow capsicum, pineapple, sweet corn.


4. Green

Green foods are good for bones and teeth, detoxification of the body and help in maintaining eye health as well.

Food items:

Asparagus, Avocado, Green beans, broccoli, sprouts, green cabbage, spinach, zucchini, green capsicum, kiwifruit, cucumber, green pear.


5. Blue and purple

Blue and purple foods help with mineral absorption and can improve memory and brain function.

Food items:

Blackberry, eggplant, blueberry, dried plum (prune), purple grape.



6. White foods

White foods support circulatory system and reduce cancer risk.

Food items:

Onions, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Garlic.