These face make-up tips will change your makeup routine forever

1. Choosing the right foundation color:

To get the right foundation color, place your hand beside your face. The color of your hand is the foundation color you need.




2. Preparing your skin:

Before applying any makeup, it is very essential for you to know your skin type. If your skin is dry, you can use a moisturizer. If your skin type is oily, you should skip using any/primer. With combination skin or pigmented skin, you can use it on the dry areas.





3. Proper blending is the key:

Correct blending is the most important. Your foundation should blend with the skin color below the collar bones, i.e. your true color. Your makeup should always blend till the neck. It should never stop at the chin. It looks really absurd and unnatural.







4. Highlighter pen to rescue: 

A highlighter pen works just as a concealer and does the best contouring. The disadvantage with concealer can sometimes be, it might not be able to camouflage all areas and create problem while blending. While a highlighter pen works the best in this case.





5.Your makeup has a lot to do with how you look in pictures:

Do not include sun screen in your makeup routine. It is because when you get clicked, it will come forth with the flash and make you look unreasonably whitish spoiling the hard work.




6.Eye liner trick:

The best eye liner pencils are the cheap ones. You might feel amazed but believe it, it’s true. Buy 3-8 pencils together. All you need to do is grace it with a lighter every time you put it and it will work like magic.





7. Eye brow pencil choice:

Never use black eye brow pencil, use only brown.









8. Eye shadow aid:

To get the true color of your eye shadow, but a complementary base color on your eye and then put the main color.









9.The difference between makeup brushes and beauty blenders:

Using a sponge/blender is easier as it has better edges that can help in easy blending. But if you are skilled and confident enough, you can go with makeup brushes as well.





10.Keep it clean:

Do not share your make up brushes or beauty blenders with anyone and clean them regularly.








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