Happiness amidst Humdrum

Everything is cliche in our lives,How many times do we feel that?

Life its easier if you walk through it with a pace that you can control, but that doesn’t happen in reality, you are compelled to extend your boundaries time and again. All this while, sometimes you win sometimes you don’t but there is one thing that remains constant on this path is that you make enormous memories, memories that you will have when you grow old.

Yes 2o’s is an age where the real life hits you, you have to build your own little world of happiness, you have to figure out almost everything from your passion to your aim to your carrier, you have to take decisions that will impact you, and you know what? At this point in time not everyone is lucky to have someone around the way they need but all of us have that one inner voice which takes us towards our path , path towards building our world which comprises of all the little things that we keep adding in it, always.


Life is all about solving problems, sorting things, life is about living, something as tiny as waking up in the middle of the night due to a bad dream can be a memory that will remain with you until you say hi to someone. Some things will be not be sorted even after you give your 100% but that’s okay because we must realize what we can’t control shouldn’t control our mind.

Life is not about making everything perfect, its about creating your own world ,its about creating memories, moments, making friends, its about keeping a fast for someone you love, its about eating a pizza on a Friday night or maybe about waking up early on a Sunday morning to see a sunrise.

Find your happiness,sometimes it is within you, sometimes you might find it in someone or something else. Maybe your soulmate, your brother or sister or it maybe just a moment,a moment of seeing a little child laughing, a moment where you are surprising your grandparents, or a moment of scoring a six in a gully cricket match. You will find it anywhere whenever you want all you have to do is to open your eyes, look for it and breathe!

Yes this might sound cliché but do you know what is the beauty of cliches? That they never lose their charm. And so should be your life. Live your life to the most and make crazy memories. Because it is only memories that don’t age with time.