Winning the battle against your unhealthy food cravings

There are no more regrets in people than the number of times they have consumed harmful food to satiate their craving. But it’s time to realize that the time of reasoning is before you have approached the forbidden fruit. The key is you should know how to trick your brain the same way it has been playing with you. Here are a few suggestions to aid you in fulfilling this objective:



  1. The No calorie drink

Pro tip: Quench your thirst before satisfying your hunger.


You can relate to the time when even after eating your regular meal you are yearning to eat something that would tingle your taste buds. This is when we often mistake dehydration for hunger as a result of which we often binge on eating rash food.

Remember to have a glass of water almost instantaneously after such health hazardous thoughts.


  1. Overcoming Mood swing longings

Pro tip: Don’t end up having more trouble in the process of getting rid of one incorrectly.


Whenever you are having that want to eat everything in the kitchen desire-PAUSE! Know that this wouldn’t solve any of your problems and you will end up having to solve another problem of one-getting rid of those extra calories.


  1. Never starve yourself 

Pro tip: Be on eat right diet than eat less diet!




 Never in your life turn to starving as a means to lose weight because when you starve yourself, all that time your brain is unconsciously pondering about what you will have after this fast. Result being, your brain refuses to eat healthy after long hours of starvation and you tend to partake of everything you have been avoiding all that while.

Eating something every two hours boosts your metabolism, keeps your brain active and helps you being consistent with your diet.


  1. Never leave the house hungry

Pro tip: Create healthy habits and not restrictions


Going out with your friends means hanging out at a cafe or a bar. Always make sure to have a proper meal before you step out so as to prevent you from getting carried away with all those delectable sounding junk! This way the bottom line would be that you will eat less.



  1. Say no to needless sugar

Pro tip: Forbidden fruit tastes sweet but it’s after taste is bitter

One ingredient that has devastated our entire health is sweet sounding sugar.

The less you consume the better for your overall health. Your appetite will reduce eventually after giving it up and a lot more miracles to come .If you have a sweet tooth, opt for dark chocolates.



  1. Entertain yourself

Pro tip: Eating at inappropriate time is like studying for the exam a night early-you’ll to regret it later.


If you are a food addict and that eating is our hobby, and when boredom strikes, you have the habit of keeping your mouth busy, CHANGE IT! An easy way to get out of this fix is to adopt new activities to keep yourself busy so you never wonder about food and what is going to be the next thing you’ll eat.


  1. Keeping your snacks at bay

Pro tip: The farther the better!


As simple as it sounds allowing your guilty pleasures to lurk around is just hustling backward. Who would want to go to the supermarket to buy their favorite flavor of nachos unless it’s the ultimate retort?

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