How did fashion come into play?

There’s something to be said about the beauty of women in this world. Since the birth of the human race, it has been thought that men are the dominant sex. A man’s reasoning for which they base most of their decisions is spearheaded by their ultimate desire to covet the unique beauty which every woman possesses. The driving motivation behind our entire female counterpart originates with the need to stimulate/impress their sister sex.

With all the suppression that females have encountered, somehow we have found a way to use this knowledge as a tool in seeking and gaining power. While the rest of the world continued underestimating us. Like the element of fire, men embody an intensely bold and provocative determination. Like the counter element of wind, women embody the unseen, inconspicuous force of nature that provokes and directs the fire to its self-proclaimed destiny.

The infamous women, who have realized the true power of their own beauty, sure as hell learned how to use it to their advantage. They cunningly used the simplicity of the male mind, which perceives the woman as non-threatening, to gain influence and control in shaping the world as we now know it today. Within this game, is why fashion was created.


Years following 48 BC; Cleopatra, who didn’t fit the typical standards of beauty, used more creative ways to gain power over a male dominating society. She was versatile in her sense of style, not only embracing both the figure-hugging, bare-breasted fashions of Egypt, as well as the more modest, draped Roman-style gowns. Her headdresses featured gold ornaments attached to the ends of the hair and gold jewelry including armbands and bulky droop earrings. She wore brightly pigmented eyeshadow and thick eyeliner extending the corners of the eyes.




Starting in 522 AD, in her early 20’s, Empress Theodora began her long infamous journey. She was born a Christian ascetic and shared careers in both acting and prostitution. She met, heir to the Byzantine Empire, Justinian, and he fell madly in love with her. Since it was forbidden for public officials to marry actresses, her beloved’s solution was to, in fact, change the very law. She was her husband’s most trusted adviser, even becoming the highest authority in the empire, while her husband had fallen ill. The Empress proved herself competent and wise, even granted means of protections for women and children, and outlawed prostitution, the very previous career in which she knew tragically.

She wore largely; jewel-encrusted crowns and eccentric pieces of jewelry. She was always dressed in the finest of silk, interestingly enough, since silk was a state monopoly, and she controlled all access to it. She represented “bling” itself. Fun Fact. Critics: Paint her as the biggest whore in the history of Christendom. Theodora: I’ll show these assholes and become an Eastern Orthodox saint. And so she did.


Agnes Sorel, from 1444-1450, was the first official royal mistress of France and held great influence in the court of King Charles VII. Using her beauty and fearless fashion choices, wearing her dresses so that one breast was completely exposed. She scandalously won the kings brazened affection. She secured her position advancing her and her entire family’s fortune and standing. She was lavishly gifted with titles, lands, private residences, and mountains of jewels, including the rumored first cut diamond in the world. Which means, Beyoncé’s saying, “If you like it then you better put a ring on it, ohohoh”, never would’ve existed without Agnes Sorel.

The beauty that each and every single one of you ladies exude, can not only bring empires to their knees. More importantly, it can make us feel empowered. When we put that little extra into our appearance and get dolled up, we tend to stand up taller, put our heads up, and even the way we walk becomes more of a strut. Bottom line. When we look good, we feel good.



Melissa Carofano



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    1. Im not sure what you find nonsense about it, or what parts you believe need to be “heavily” edited. If there is a question you have, or concept that you are having difficulty comprehending, than I would be more than happy to simplify an answer or explanation for you.

  1. Thank you for your comment! What I was trying to convey is that I believe the key to gaining any understanding, whether personal or factual, is to fully comprehend and ask the right questions. All of the general collective knowledge human beings have gained, are due to the individuals who continue to ask questions. I feel it’s imperative as individuals to stay inquisitive, for that is where we fully gain true knowledge. Even when we think we grasp a concept, theres no limit in further developing our awareness.

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