How to know yourself better

Every person in this world is unique, every single one being different from the other. And that uniqueness is what makes each one of us special. But many people aren’t able to interpret this uniqueness as something positive. They aren’t able to accept themselves as who they really are; resulting in a low self-esteem, which in turn hinders their growth in all ways. So, it is really necessary to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. Well, it may be a bit hard but, like everything else in this world that we believe in, it isn’t impossible. There are a number of ways to accomplish this perception.


1. Know who you are

You need to know who you really are as a person, not just your passion or interest but your character, your traits, your tolerance level and a lot more teeny tiny things. It is really important because how can you even begin to accept yourself, let alone love yourself, unless, you know who you truly are. As a human being, you evolve continuously. You learn from every single decision you take. So it is necessary to know who you are from within.


2. Forgive yourself

Mistakes are inevitable. No matter how careful you may be, you’ll still end up making mistakes. And mistakes just make you more human and contribute in molding you into a better person. Everyone, at some point in their lives, make some small or big mistakes. Instead of beating you self over something you can’t change, you can rather learn to grow from such mistakes by accepting them, repenting on it for a while, and trying your best to not repeat it. Forgiveness is an essential virtue we should learn to instill in ourselves. So grant yourself with forgiveness because you are the one who requires it the most.


3. Treat yourself with compassion

Every time something bad happens, we treat ourselves in a cruel manner in the heat of the moment, and some times, later on too. Self-compassion is the concept of treating ourselves kindly and responding to short-comings with support instead of criticism. The concept of self-compassion was created and researched extensively over the past 10 years by Dr. Kristin Neff. Dr. Neff, a researcher and professor at the University of Texas, has developed three core components of compassion – kindness, common humanity and mindfulness.


4. Love yourself

No matter what anybody thinks, we should learn to love ourselves. It isn’t as hard as it seems. It can be accomplished by some simple, daily tasks. Every day when you wake up, look in the mirror and encourage yourself for the day you are going to face. Sit down for 10 minutes and relax your body and mind. Things as small as these will help you on your worst days.


5. Believe in yourself

This fact can never be stressed enough. The most important thing you should always remember is that you can do anything you believe in. So if you believe that you can learn to be comfortable in your own skin, then you can.