How can you strike work life balance and why is it important?

Having a successful career and loving relationship, i.e a work life balance is the best of both worlds. The best way to keep these worlds happy is just one: keep them separate! That means when you’re at work, commit fully to your job be it your studies or your profession in the coming future.

If you’re searching for a real balance between your work life and your love life, it’s also imperative to take a closer look at your priorities in general. If you feel that your work responsibilities are so overwhelming that you barely have time for yourself let alone your partner, You should look for opportunities to prioritize, delegate, and say, “No.” After all, if you have no time for a life outside of the office, you’re actually on the path of occupational burnout — and it’s likely that the spark between you and your partner, will burn out as well.


When your goal is to balance your career and love life, it’s also important to plan ahead with your partner. Many couples create a joint calendar so that they can schedule time to be together. When these particular dates are on the horizon, you can make a concerted effort to prioritize these occasions and plan accordingly. And while there may be unseen circumstances that may cause you to be late or even having to reschedule, placing importance on being with your partner is actually what lets her or him know that she or he’s important to you.

If your partner asks you for space, he might really need it. Let your partner do things like he/she has been talking about. And in the meantime, work on in preparing yourself for future. Take this time to grow and love yourself. Let them come to you when they are really and if you still think he/she’s the only one; it’ll be much more worth it.

And lastly the most important of all is: Mutual Understanding/Agreement. You alone cannot balance love and work. Your partner should agree with you on your plan so that you both can spend quality time together. This is the best for both of you anyway. This way, you will have more opportunities in life and a better chance to be prosperous. If one doesn’t agree, that is a sign that your present partner is not capable of understanding and giving importance to your goals in life and future. So, you better think twice.


Don’t give up love for your career because who knows that person is the right person for you and don’t give up your career either for love because love without a concrete planning and a good career is nothing. You may end up losing everything. Be among few people who can manage things easily and also for your love. Balance is the answer to be successful in life. Yes it’s possible and you can do it!

Harkamal Kaur


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