Kodaikanal: A Turquoise of South India

When monotony hit my life and started affecting me badly, I decided to gift myself a break.  Away from the daily routine, the workload, and all the miffing stuff, I booked my ticket to Kodaikanal “The Switzerland of India”.

After travelling for about 10 hrs from Patna, Bihar, here I was to admire the profound beauty of this place. Situated at an altitude of 7000 ft from sea level, this beautiful hill station of Tamil Nadu stood opened- armed welcoming me warmly in its pleasantly cool weather. As the daylight had already dimmed and I was travel-worn, I decided to stay back in the hotel for that very day.

The next morning, I in my hoodie and track-pants went on rambling around the road, adoring the nature which as its blessings showered the coolness of mist to calm my soul. After having a walk of approx 30 minutes, I came across a tea stall, where the aroma was quite enticing. While sipping the tasty masala tea, I was briefed about this place. The tea maker said, “Madamji, Kodaikanal literally means, “The Gift of Forests” and is also referred to as “The Princess of Hills”.  Nestled in the lap of nature, this beautiful city caters you with enchanting sights to explore. We have a very famous lake, created by the British, it is the right time for you to visit, or else it gets crowded”.

To avoid the crowd, I left the place immediately. On my way, I could admire the diversified nature, be it the mighty mountains or calmly be relaxing lakes, or grinning greenery beneath the thick clouds, everything was very appealing. The town sits on the plateau of the southern slope of Palani Hills which offers fascinating views. The eucalyptus trees and shoal forest adorns the valley along with the mighty rocks spilling off the cascade.

The star-shaped Kodai Lake instrumentally created by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, the then collector of Madurai, is an amazing place. The nearby Ubiquitous garden makes it magnetic for nature lovers as it did to me. After boating and cycling around the lake, I relaxed for a while in the garden absorbing a sweet-fragrant fresh breeze, which refreshed me thoroughly.

My next destination was Coakers Walk.  About ½ Km away from Kodai, this pedestrian walk was constructed by Lt. Coaker in 1875. Built on a steep slope of the mountain, it offers a mesmerizing view of nature from all the four sides. Telescope house is the best part of this place. It allows you to have a telescopic view from 2133m above the sea level, which is totally enchanting. After cycling for about half an hour, I was totally exhausted. I planned to make my way back to the hotel.

This was the most enchanting place of the whole trip. Hills spilling off water gushes were really mesmerizing. The Water splashes are not only picturesque but also mind soothing. The silver drizzle was rejuvenating and gratifying.  Beholding a panoramic view of nature, I made my way back to the hotel.

Having collected lots of pictures and amazing memories I was back in the flight, set to return. Closing my eyes I could rewind the whole trip. Filled with bliss, I laid myself in solitude. My heart was now calm and pleasured and back to the form. This place is apt for both nature lovers and honeymoon couples as one can enjoy the calmness here.


Juhi Sneh