How to look stylish this winter

Who doesn’t love the season of cozy beds and hot chocolates?

We know you don’t want to lose the warmth of your bed but when you leave the house, you also want to make sure to rock your everyday look. Here are some guidelines to make you look all trendy and fashionable this season.


1. Be leather friendly

Leather jackets must be the thing striking your mind, you guessed it right. They make you look so dapper and bad-ass when worn with that confidence. You can also wear even faux fur shearling leather jackets to raise the temperature around you. You can add the leather touch to your outfit even with black leather leggings.






2.Can’t forget Scarfs

Winter accessories are about keeping you all snug and cozy plus adding a style quotient to your outfit and personality. Picking up from solid to quirky prints, from wrapping it around your neck to throwing it over your attire, you can do so much with a scarf. What is trending this season are sleeve scarves which you can wear on your arms, sounds super cool, isn’t it? Even faux fur scarves look pompous.


3. Kill them with Boots

Who really can’t miss out on boots while talking about style? Boots are just the answer to all your moods. You have to get a pair of the ankle boots or the high knee boots, with heels or without it is up to you, you can’t pass a winter without them. As for color preferences you can go for burgundy or tan in ankle length and black or olive in high knees.





4. Layer it up!

Layering adds diversity to your spiritless look, just a matter of some mix and match. You can keep on adding layers to your dress depending on how chilly the weather is around. Put on a sweater over your top own shirt if it is not freezing outside else you can put on a coat on top of your sweater. This way you can embrace any combo you like and step out in style.





5. Flirt with your Skirt

You can wear a pair of checked skirt with anything you like, be it a pullover a cardigan or a hoodie. What we are spotting these days is a solid hoodie with a checkered skirt, the combination looks just superb. You can also team your solid flared skirt with an off-shoulder pullover with high knee socks and a pair of sneakers.