Loss, your greatest profit

If we think of something good in life, we are always afraid of something bad that might ruin our good. With every positive, comes negative. With every sunrise, comes a sunset.

All the commerce students will be able to relate to this, as they have always been taught to pay more heed to loss rather than profit, to be more attentive to what might go than what might come. Loss has always been a companion of our lives. Ignoring something that is a part of you, results in major issues that might knot you up. Hence, we should always give significance to the losses that might punch us.

Loss is something that hollows us down to an extent where we stop feeling our own self, our compos mentis retards temporarily; we put a pause on our existence.
For once right now, let’s ask a question that why do we let such a negative thing impact us so hard? Negativity is meant to be abandoned and not to be stuck by.
Okay, lets be friendly with losses and let them impact us, but we should be the ones to decide to what extent it should impact.

“Life teaches us many lessons”, No, I think it’s the “losses” that teach us.
I say, “Losses are the greatest profits”, if one lets them be this way.
We have known many eminent personalities that have influenced the society stupendously. Let’s recall something that has been the pivot of all, loss.


Walt Disney: Fired from a newspaper on account of lack of imagination.
Steve Jobs: Fired from his own company.
Henry Ford: Went bankrupt 5 times.
Abraham Lincoln: Lost Presidential elections 8 times.

There are innumerable additions to this list that have faced severe losses, won over them and became the most influencing humans on Earth.

It is up to us whether we take loss as a friend or an enemy.
Loss helps us observe our vulnerable self which makes us aware of the fact that we have survived the limitless pain and anxiety, hence makes us established and grow stronger.
Loss lets us know the wrong we went through, the faults in our plans and the capabilities we have. It guides us to achieve impeccable results. It is a blessing in disguise that shows us the unseen and narrates us the unheard.
It brings the second chances that all of us deserve.
Ergo, see the ray, make it your guideline and follow it.

Do you want to have a life devoid of flaws and dejection? Do you want yourself to be a person full of constructive experiences? Do you want to pass your wisdom to those in need? Do you want yourself to be a favourably influential human being?
Make loss your teacher and mutate it into your profit.

Vrinda Mohan Panjwani

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