Yes! there is nothing erroneous in being an average student.

RELAX! You don’t have to worry about what your teacher says, or you parents exclaim or how your peers treat you for being an average student.

The fact is not that you are not in the race of achieving the desired goals;  you are just struggling more than others to get in the first place. It is absolutely fine to fail at times. You must take that failure as motivation and to work harder the next time, you face any challenge.


In this era, every single student is in the race of getting good grades, neglecting the very fact that achieving good grades is not the sole thing which will lead you to your desired goals. Nowadays, more importance is given to a student’s personality and his logical and analytical thinking. If you are a mere book-warm and focus only on mugging up the theoretical part and consequently get good grades, it is still not enough to fetch a good job, because you cannot carry your mark sheet everywhere you go. Neither does it guarantee that you’ll lead the life of your dreams.

Once the real world hits, employers are looking for who you are as a person, and in 10 years, your grades will mean nothing. I’m not saying that you should strive to earn the minimum passing grades in order to graduate, I’m saying that it’s not the end of the world when you receive a grade less than what you expected. The world is open to new opportunities for everyone regardless of the score on your mark sheet .

Thus, if you are an average student don’t get bogged down with the constant slope of your academic graph. Focus more on what you really aspire and except feeling anxious for upcoming results; concentrate more on your personal skills and development. Don’t become a robot that is constantly engaged in gaining good grades and nothing more.

You might feel very low at times, when you see yours peers excelling in academics, sports, co-curricular activities etc. But, instead of getting upset, sit for a while and think that all you need to do is to get encouraged. Focus more on what you are lacking in and set your priorities accordingly. It is further more important not to get distracted by the means which will pull you towards addiction. Take all of their remarks, comments, compliments, deeds as stepping stones in your journey of success.

Set goals. Engage yourself in something which is productive and helpful in achieving your aspirations. Dreams can come into reality only when you focus on right things and work hard. Also, it is important to have interest in what you are doing or pursuing. Relate the subject matter you are studying with real life instances. Show your creativity and embrace the young mind as much as you can.

There’s nothing in this world which is beyond your potential, or reach. Get yourself dressed up in motivation and walk on the path of your dreams with your chin up. Don’t wait for anyone or anything to keep you encouraged.                                                                                  



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