Does a Prince Charming really exist?

Can Mr. Darcy exist for real?

Prince Charming – Who is he? Is he just a fairy tale character who comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress? Is he just a fictional character or he actually exists? Every girl dreams of having her own “customized”  Prince Charming- one who is caring, loyal, will listen to her, fancy to her and make her feel that she is the only one.

In context of today’s world I use the term customized because fictional Prince Charming is all ideal – the perfect man a girl desires. But can a real person be perfect? No not at all. Everyone is flawed and so will be our Prince Charming.

The tall, dark and handsome concept though outdated is still inherently there. #Virushka is the new trend. But didn’t they face ups and downs in their relationship. They did and so does every relation. But is ending the relationship an option? yes it is the easiest option, but is it the best option?

In words of Gautama Buddha “ If you like a flower- you pluck it, but if you love a flower- you nurture it, let it grow- it takes time and patience but that’s your test for love…” Every relationship faces problems- our once perfect Prince charming may seem boring, not so interesting, you may feel the spark is missing and in that case the only escape will be breaking the relation. You may feel empty for a few days and with time you go back to normal. New relationships and again breakup, the vicious cycle continues. Breakups are a part of life. You need to breakup if the relationship is doing injustice to you but the current trend is breaking up at the drop of a hat.

Rebound and breakups, casual relationships are the new “cool”. There is no Prince Charming nowadays because there is no Cinderella as well. The same old love is not there; “like” has taken its place. Breaking up as easy it may seem is not the only option. Take some time off from your relationship, nurture your interests, distance will lead to attraction, longing will be there and then you will realize that if you broke up at that point of time you would have really missed your Prince charming-once and for all.

Falling in love is easy but enduring the pain and hardships is difficult. If he stands by you in thick and thin, takes a break from you but never talks of breaking up, remember you won’t get better, you’ve got your Prince Charming. Don’t miss him for the world.

If there was no Prince Charming then we won’t see lovely old couples. They make us believe in love yet again. There is no ideal Prince Charming. Someone who is ready to be a customized Prince Charming for your sake and happiness is the one for you, never let him go.

You don’t love someone because they are perfect. You love them because they are perfect for you.

I am not against breaking up, people do breakup because the relationship may be stifling, may be unhealthy, may be made of lust rather than love, but I am against people breaking just at the drop of a hat, breaking up just for the sake of Change Up, breaking up because they were not patient enough. Love is a feeling to be cherished and celebrated; it can see rough patches but never barren islands. Love may involve breaks, but never breakups.


Akansha Rai

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