Say Yes to New Adventures

If you had a spare hour or two, what would you do with it? Could you carve out 60 minutes of your time for your enjoyment, no matter how busy you are?

No matter how risky adventures are, they will always drive a sense of boldness in you. They create psychological arousal, which can be interpreted as negative or positive. Adventure can also serve the purpose of gaining knowledge. The British adventurer Jason Lewis used adventure to draw global sustainability lessons from living with finite environmental constraints on expeditions to share with schoolchildren.

Say ‘yes’ to something out of your comfort zone. It might be scary to do so, and you might want to put away this thought after reading this, but do something that you wouldn’t normally say yes to. Doing new things in a new place, no matter where that place is or what those things are, is a new adventure. Something as small as trying new food can also be considered stepping out of your comfort zone.

It might seem strange, but Scientists have recently reported that our modern obsession with cleanliness might be leading to a rise in allergies, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease. Getting dirty could be the best part in order to develop a strong immune system. Nothing other than going on adventures can help you in getting dirty and healthier all at once. Also, medical specialists all around the world are now handing out “Park Prescriptions” for curing the diseases ranging from heart strokes, obesity and deficit disorders. Thus, outdoor activities can greatly prevent or treat a wide range of health problems.

An important advantage of going on adventures is you raise our tolerance for uncertainty. Placing yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned (like on an adventure trip) helps you learn to cope up with the uncertainties of life. Many researchers claim that hiking and walking grows brain and thus hiking adventures will keep you sharp.

There is an excitement that comes with every new experience. We learn from the environment and the new people we meet. We open up more to great awareness, understanding, empathy and perspective about the world and life. You might feel a dilemma at times of choosing between work and adventure. While the work might be very important to get the first priority. But, it is adventure that will provide you with a break from your routine.

Life moves too quickly to sit back and think about all the things you should be or could have been avoiding. When an opportunities for adventure strikes, grab it. Don’t think too much about you deserve it or not, it was presented to you for a reason. Your biggest challenge is usually just having the courage to say ‘yes’ and when you’re already in it, it all becomes easier. While it it’s good to say ‘yes’ to relaxing whenever you really need it, it’s even better saying ‘yes’ to going out and grasping the best of the nature. Lemony Suicket has rightly claimed that, “If we wait until we are ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”

So, say ‘yes’ to new adventures and open your heart to a new world of excitement!


Isha Mathur

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