Shades of fall

Winter is a lovely time, also a time to look lovely. It’s sometimes a matter of colour choices that sets your look apart. Let’s talk about some colours apart from black and white this time. Include them in your winter collection and they would be your style acer.


How can we miss this colour while talking about fall fashion?

From stockings to skirts to nail paint this colour has stolen the entire spotlight this fall.

You are bound to turn heads while wearing semi-transparent stockings of this hue. The nail colour of this shade is no doubt classy. You can also think of a solid maroon pullover I’ve a





Purple is the colour that brings out   its best during the cold months. You go from “oh it’s purple”in summers to “oh my God, is it colour purple?”

A purple pullover or a sweater is enough to make you shine.









We all know how charming people look wearing red, more specifically scarlet red. Being an all season colour, it gives out the lively vibes be it while wearing a red Pom Pom cap or a red knit scarf. If it’s not that cold to play with winter accessories, you can wear a red solid sweater or hoodie.


Mustard yellow

There is no denial to the fact that you have got to have at-least one item of this colour; I mean how can you not!

It is a heart warming colour that brings the missing sunshine in your life and can even compliment your skin tone much.

In clothing you can go for a hoodie, a sweatshirt, jacket an overcoat, the gamut basically. If you want to include this colour in your accessories a beanie, a beret or a scarf would just be perfect.

Just make sure you are not mixing any other bright colour, or an exception could be red.

Dusty Pink

If you are not really a fan of bright colours but want something light, pink is your go to colour. It’s great to embrace in an overcoat or a fuzzy sweater. A faux fur infinity scarf of this colour also looks wonderful.