Signs your guy is a keeper.

You have been dating him for a while and now you are thinking whether he is in
for a long haul or is he going to bail out the second a new chick comes in. The
first and foremost thing to do is to believe in your gut, but anyway, the following
signs will help you to know for sure whether your guy is a real keeper.

1. He is responsible and mature. He acts like an adult and is mature in his actions. He is ambitious in his work and responsible towards his parents. If a man acts in a responsible manner towards
other people in his life then you can be sure that he will respect and take care of
you as well. Also if he doesn’t throw temper tantrums and tries to solve the
issues between both of you calmly without overreacting. Then it’s a thumb’s up!

2. He keeps his promises:
He follows through and keeps the promises he made to you. For example, if he
has promised you that he will take you out for shopping on Friday or the
Saturday dinner, then he will keep his word. However, sometimes due to busy
schedules, your guy may not be able to follow up and in that case, he will inform
you beforehand instead on bailing out at the last minute.

3. He introduces you to his family and friends:
Family and Friends are an important part of a man’s life and by introducing you
to them, you can be quite sure that he is taking you seriously and wants to
include you in his life. Besides, he sees a future with you.

4. He likes to hang out with your family and friends:
He likes to meet your family and hang out with your friends. He will try to be part
of your social circle and will want your friends to like him. He gels up well with
your friends and your girlfriends actually have a good opinion about him.

5. He remembers little details you tell him:
You mentioned the other day that you don’t like raisins or you told him that you
like, prefer Belgian chocolate over any other. You will be surprised to see that he
remembers those tiny details even after a long time has passed since you first
told him.

6. He asks you about your job:
He is genuinely interested in your job and regularly asks about it. You also feel
happy to tell him about your work and also share any work related problems you
are facing as you know that he will actually listen and ask more questions to
provide the possible solution to your problems.

7. He asks about your day:
He would always want to know about your day. He is interested in knowing about
your whereabouts and will want to know what all activities you do throughout the
day. He will think about you when you are not with him and will wonder what you
are doing at that very moment. 8. He takes care of you:

8. He takes care of you:
He puts your needs first and takes care of you. For example, if both of you are in
a restaurant, you like red sauce pasta and he likes white sauce, you will not
need to argue about what to order as he himself will ask you to order whatever
you like. Well yes, guys do sacrifice small things to make you happy and feel
loved and cared for.

9. You can be yourself around him:
You don’t necessarily have to act sophisticated with him and you can just be
yourself. You can be absolutely comfortable being yourself that you don’t have to
pretend like someone you are actually not to keep him around. He won’t have
any issues even if you put on some weight because you know that he will still
love you and will be around regardless.

10. He encourages you to do better in life:
He encourages you to excel in work, start your own business or take an active part
in a specific activity you are fond of. He will always inspire you to do better in life
as he himself is striving for his ambitions and will even want you to fulfill your
dreams. You will notice that your life has become more fulfilling as you will be
striving to achieve the things that you have kept on the backburner as he has
given you a new shot of energy to do so.

Vasuvita Singh.

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