Socializing Love

LOVE! It doesn’t happen with a girl’s makeup or her guy’s six pack abs. It happens eventually over time
when you connect with that one person at a different level just as two compatible atoms collide
together to form a molecule. It happens when you two look at each other and can feel that rush of
Love doesn’t seek acceptance of appearance for your bond to build but it takes is a SMILE. It begins
when the guy longs to see the smile on your face and that one smile of yours can make his day.
All of us have heard this before, If you like a flower you, pluck it but if you love one then you water it.
Now this answers the question about relationships these days, about teens pretending to be in love but
they actually are not in love. Some of them might know the truth and some of them mistake it for
infatuation. The trend of relationships mixed with the influence of social media has taken our teens to
this point. They are using social media to showcase their “love” and prove themselves just like others in
their peer group.
There are some people out there who have these questions. How can someone break up with you
virtually showing their cowardice at peak? Changing their relationship status on Facebook from ‘in a
relationship’ to ‘single’ as if with this everything went back to its place.
How can someone write #forevermine<3 on their Instagram post with you and mean nothing out of it?
Where are those empty promises from their Snapchat stories gone?
How can someone abuse you behind your back calling you a ‘WHORE’ and make it up to you saying “I
love you my baby girl” on your face?
This was not loved; it is a mere gimmick which comes with showcasing your partner as a “trophy”.
Love is friendship; it’s the development of something very beautiful. Though it is hard to love
sometimes, because it involves growth; it takes a lot of patience to stick through and a mutual virtue of
forgiveness. Your love knows how you like your favourite meal and how a hug can make you feel better
when you are blue. It doesn’t make you feel accountable for living your own life or chasing your dreams,
love doesn’t long for your attention all the time. It empowers you and lifts you up. It is the only thing
that will hold your back and never let anyone stab you.
So, that kind of love when you get you’ll definitely know it! And when you get that love spread it and
make the world a happier place to live in. Stop running behind social media to validate your love but
instead cherish the moments with your loved ones in person.

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