There is more to being a father than just bread winning

Almost all of us scream “Maa” when we get a pin prick. Has anyone ever wondered why does one not calls out the name of their dad? It is definite that there is no other love like the love of a mother, but a father also has his place.

This article is for all those kids who talk to their dads only when they are short of cash or if it is some paperwork. I insist the fathers to also read this if you talk to your kid only about his/her grades.

Like every other relationship parent child relationship is also a two way effort always. We all must learn to love and respect our parents before it is too late.

The relationship most children share with their fathers is not a mushy-mushy one. Usually, the fathers are expected to be tough and hard on their kids, while the mothers are supposed to be the soft ones. Though, sometimes it is also the other way round and there is nothing wrong about it.

As a father, it is very important for you to know what your child is up to and stay updated with his life. And there are various other ways to do this other than imposing restrictions. You should try to befriend your child and make an effort to understand what is going on in your child’s life. And more importantly not judge them for it. For example, if you catch your child smoking don’t rush to give him a tight slap. But try to explain him it is the cigarette that is wrong and not you.

It is very important for Indian parents to give their child the liberty to make mistakes under their supervision. Your child should learn to respect you from his heart and not because you teach him that it is mandatory to respect elders.

Another thing that steps in here is trust. You should have faith in your upbringing of the child that he will purposely never do anything that might harm you or your emotions. This trust is very important because only when you will set them free, they will come back to you with their problems. After teaching them the difference and importance of right and wrong the parents must let their child decide what he wants to do and make him strong to face the repercussions.

Most of us by now might have watched one of the sensational films of 2018, Sanju. The film is a real life inspiration from the life of Sanjay Dutt. It aches my heart to see that whatever the film has depicted, Dutt has gone through every single event and even much more. The film is also celebrated for the wonderful father-son relationship shared between Mr. Sunil Dutt and Sanjay Dutt. There is a lot to learn from that movie in this realm.

It is also essential for a father to respect the mother of their children in the household. It is because the children adapt more of what you portray and less of what you lecture them about. If you have an environment of co-working at home, the children will naturally acquire that behaviour. For example, you can help your wife with the dishes sometimes when she is not feeling at her best, or even otherwise. This way your child will have an unbiased upbringing. Also remember, you must do it willingly and not only to make your child learn it.

In a household, it is not only the responsibility of the mother to look after the children. It is a shared responsibility between a husband and wife. After all family is where the children get their values from.

Now it is time for the children to take note. The children must communicate with their fathers. Your mother should not be the messenger for taking permissions for your late night parties. Your father should not come to know from your mother that you got hit by your teacher at school. You should convey all this to your father on your own. This will strengthen the bond between you two.