It is time for some mental workout

More than the hardware of our body, we are governed by the software of our body that is our brain. Something that never takes rest is our brain. But mental strength does get exhausted. Even when we are sleeping, the brain is active. Don’t you think that there should be something that we can feed to our brains, so that they grow and remain healthy!

We do plenty for physical health and fitness but we don’t pay much heed to our mental well being and robustness.
In order to secure right results, we must understand that it is the time for mental workout to make ourselves stronger, healthier and fit.

Not riding a cycle rusts it and makes it nugatory. Similar thing happens to a human body, if it is not exercised. Nothing is debarred from this phenomenon hence, mental workout is mandatory for opening the doors of your intellect to the best thoughts and winning ideas.

Absence of mental movements eventually obsoletes the brain. Regular lubrication is necessary for the smooth and better functioning of it.


To enhance your mental health and specifically to increase your memory make the following practices a part of your routine:

1. Challenge your taste buds: Try new food dishes and when eating attempt to identify individual ingredients.






2. Take a cooking class: Cooking involves a number of senses: smell, touch, sight and taste as well. If you learn to cook a new cuisine you engage your brain more than usual.




3. Test your recall: Note down important things and try not to look at them but rather memorize that stuff.









4. Do math in your head: For more efficient functioning of your brain, do math in your mind only and do not use a calculator, paper and pen.







5. Learn a new language: Listening and speaking stimulates the brain and this helps in brain activity.






6. Draw location maps from your memory: Whenever you visit a new place, try to draw the road map in your mind and remember it when you visit the same place next time.





The primary stage of any activity we do is done by our brain. A good mental workout would result in a better embarkment of anything we wish for. Workout makes a medium active. An active mind is the source of all everything cognitive and rational. And, this is the primary need to survive in this generation.

A world which is full of amazingly best minds, it is essential for us to enhance our mental health to at least well than just okay.


Vrinda Mohan Panjwani

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