Turning Procrastination into Motivation

Procrastination has become a leech for today’s generation. Just realized how reading this article will
make you procrastinate. But I affirm you won’t regret your decision. I have good news for you; it is
purely a mind over matter challenge to overcome.
Typical procrastination excuses you might be telling yourselves:
*I’ll do this tomorrow, there’s not enough time to do this today.
*I work better under pressure, I’ll wait until the deadline and the output will be even better.
*If tomorrow is not the due date, today isn’t the do-date.
Unfortunately, all of this will lead to the inevitable day when you must actually complete the task. And
while most people actually do get it done under that time pressure, working that way does not always
produce best results, and allow less time to proof and make it perfect.
5 secrets to how you can fix this:
1: Start projects immediately if you have idle time. Once you actually start something and get into the
flow of it, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it is, stops thinking about starting it, ACT. Getting that first
start is vital.
2: Get rid of all distractions from in your environment. Anything that makes you lose focus is what sets
you up potentially for procrastination and destroys your motivation.
3: Eat well, sleep well and exercise. It is because; a healthy mind and body are less likely to
procrastinate. You’ll feel better, more upbeat and active in doing your tasks with this.
4: Mix up your projects and assignments so you’re not simply doing the same exact thing every day. If
you keep things fresh they will be more interesting and compelling for you to work on.
5: Think positive, and recognize when you’re entering a cycle of procrastination. Here is where you will
need to address mind over matter. Start by just getting into it and doing step one of whatever your task
is. Sit down and break up the project into consumable parts that are less intimidating.
This might sound daunting and overwhelming at first, but it is a guarantee of getting more things done
in lesser time. Once you’ll get into the rhythm, it will cause less stress because you will allocate your
time and efforts more accordingly, effectively and comfortably. So when you feel your inertia dragging
you down, don’t succumb to its pull, fight back by recollecting these pointers.
Let’s begin!
Aishwarya Sharma

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