Victory is for those who are willing to pay its price

Each soul is determined by something, with different perceptions it does vary. The dream of victory falls into everyone’s line of thought, but the desire to fulfill that dream and face its consequences matters the most.

‘Thy wants to taste the sweet of joy but exclude the journey of pain’

This statement clearly indicates that one with a desire of victory has to go through a painful path, and it is not easy. Mankind has a tendency to look up to others, we love to follow the trail instead of creating a new one. We feel safe to go through the same discoveries rather find new, a study describes this behavior commonly as being in a ‘comfort’. Every person works hard yet they don’t get the expected outcome or what they deserve, so only option left is reducing the expectations.

But, the question is why? History has shown us the winners and losers both, but why we remember the winners? Because we are not attracted to their victory but to their journey, their wit and their constant hard work. When we can appreciate those things then why can’t act like one?

There will be pain, anger, failure and it will knock you down to your knees making you bleed, but options will be always open for one either can give up or can endure and move forward.

Getting out of the comfort zone and making a choice of being persistent; that’s all it takes. A person should fall in love what he/she does, at the end; it will drive him/her to achieve greater extent.

If you are ready to accept failures, face its repercussions and still want to pursue then the victory is not much away from you.