Wait until you find your nemo in a sea full of fishes

It seems that with anything in life there comes a period of waiting, of having to be patient. You wait to get that big test grade back, you wait to hear back from that job interview, and you wait for that perfect guy- the one you’ve dreamed about since you were little, the one who proves every other heartbreak along the way was worth it. Maybe that ‘one’ is the guy you pass on the way.

Patience in love has its rewards. Yet, we must learn to fight for what we want and expect, but sometimes we think that will be impossible to achieve. Wait for whatever it takes, and when we get to enjoy it, we can thank life for this opportunity.

While you wait, do not dramatize. Try to be objective and not make excuses or complaints, nor ask a lot of people’s advice. You can try asking a few people so that you will not be confused on whom to follow. One should also remember that each person has his own situation which is different from others’. You should not expect that your relationship is like the others. Let it come naturally and act according to the circumstances.

Be careful with the advice and criticism, because although they can also be constructive and helpful to your soul, it can also be disorienting and cause you to act according to what others would do in your place. That might be the biggest mistake. Never make a decision just because others say it is more rational and convenient. Act on your own and follow what you think is right. You may listen to others for advice but not necessarily follow it to the letter. You may vary it according to how you think will best fit your case.

Understand which personality traits you tend to gravitate toward. Are you a man who prizes loyalty above all else? If you’re a workaholic who’s always on the go, should you really be looking for someone who expects you to be home all the time? Be sure not to put any woman on a pedestal before really understanding who you are and what you need.

The most important advice I can give you on your search for your lifelong companion is to remember all the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Stay open-minded and go on as many dates as you can until you’re convinced you’ve found her. No more settling solely for Miss Right Now.

The perfect woman for you is out there, but she won’t be the perfect woman you’ve created in your mind. Be adaptable and you’ll ultimately catch the “one” who’ll make you happy and whole for life.

People come and go in life, but if we feel that we have found someone very special, we let go of our fears and enjoy the presence of that special person.


Harkamal Kaur

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