Why you are still you: Conquer yourself

Your success and results are in direct proportion to your habits.

We all have some wishes to fulfill, some goals to achieve, a desire for something to happen. But there is a slight difference in the magnitude of ‘want’ and understanding of the goal, some people just want it because of people around them and they like it because others like it as well but, on the other hand, there are people who breathe their dreams. They want it because they actually want it and there is no second thought to it. So, if you are someone who just likes something because people around of then this article might not suit you well, but if you are someone from the second category then, please go on! Something great is waiting for you.

Trying hard to achieve something? Struggling with yourself? Want to win the championship? Want to go to the gym regularly? Want to crack that exam? Want to get your dream job? Want to open a start-up? Want to be a painter? Want to best version of yourself?

Go catch your dreams and make it a reality. You know you have got it all what it takes to be the one who you want to be. Fantasy is good, but reality is even better.

I know what thoughts might be popping up in your mind right now, “I am not able to do because of my health, my family, my financial conditions, my situations and the list is never-ending, but now at this moment only, just STOP!

I am sure you are well aware of the legendary people and their story of success in spite of all the odds and bad conditions; they achieved what they always wanted.

The point of telling this, yes! Life is unfair, but it is totally fair because, it is unfair to all!

Never make a victim of yourself. Telling yourself again and again that situations are not in your favor, my starts are weak and what not, this will not only deteriorate your mind and but it will also not ever let you achieve what you want.

The key is to be positive. Anything positive can never happen with negativity involved in it.


Get up tomorrow morning and thank the universe for its grace, for mercy, for everything positive in your life and don’t complain about anything bad that happens to you. Everything happens for a reason, and you never know what worse could have happened to you if the present scenario was something else, so always be thankful. Never lose hope because if you quit, you are just breathing, you are not alive anymore.




Anubha Pandey